Psychic Predictions for 2023

As of writing 31 October 2022; the year hasn’t ended. With 2 months to go before 2023, I feel that we are to continue right now in the same energy cycle we’ve been on for the last few months.

We must remember that the future is not set in stone and our collective decisions and actions will have an impact the future; so the future is fluid. Predictions are these visions that come to me at a particular time and is by no means pre-determined.

I go by the name JC and would like to keep a low profile – occasionally I will share my humble views and visions that come to me.

Russian’s Invasion of Ukraine

First off, the Russian invasion of Ukraine. This was Putin’s idea and his only rather than that of the Russian people. I feel that Ukraine will fend off these invaders and the Russian army will kicked out with their tails between their legs. Timing is always hard to pinpoint for a psychic as “time” is a construct of this material/physical continuum. I feel that Putin will not be in power for very long; the loss of power will be quite a sudden event in the way that one moment he is in power and then the next he is not. I also feel there is something wrong with his health; this is an illness that Putin is well aware of and has been getting treatment for and has been going on for a while. I feel that the final chapter of his life (which has started already by the way) will not end well; I don’t feel that he will live much more than 2-3 years; after losing power the humiliation he will endure will be unbearable for him. He will go down in Russian history as the leader who sent the country back a few decades; his reckless decision to invade Ukraine will be paid for by the Russian people for years to come.

China’s Xi Jinping

His 3rd term in office will cause a great deal of suffering for the Chinese people. In fact under his leadership since 2012, the suffering of the Chinese people had started and his third term will merely be an augmentation of the suffering. I feel that he will attack Taiwan in the next 2-3 years which will receive worldwide condemnation and even countries like Germany whom normally would prefer to ignore China’s indiscretions will join the chorus of countries condemning the action. The next few years will be very troubled times for the Chinese people and the economy will falter. Xi Jinping’s Zero Covid policy will be maintained indefinitely because he believes the Chinese model of containment is superior to the West’s strategy of co-existing with the virus and part of this zero-covid policy is to control the people. This stubbornness will cost the Chinese people dearly economically. He will send China back decades, undoing the hard work that his predecessors did; when the state runs out of money it will go after the capitalists ( which is anyone with money and resources ) and steal from them in the name of common prosperity.

China’s Economic Collapse

The Chinese Economic Collapse has already started in ernest. I feel that government is trying very hard to suppress all news of economic problems, they have been successful in their ability to keep a lid on things for a while but in the next 12 months or even less there will be a reckoning and no matter what amount of news censorship the government try to implement the truth will come to light. Social discontent in China will increase and will get louder. To distract the people from the real problem they are facing (which is the Communist Party) Xi Jinping will attack Taiwan.

Xi Jinping Attacks Taiwan

I feel that Xi Jinping will attack Taiwan soon and when he does the world will realise that he had been planning on it for a very long time. The attacks will receive widespread condemnation. I feel that it is the karma of the Taiwanese people that Taiwan will remain an independent country. The invasion of Taiwan will not last that long and Xi will be overthrown by a series of uprisings across China that even the army, police and the censorship machination will not be able to control. This I feel will happen in a slightly longer time-frame – maybe not in 2023 but maybe the year after or the year after that.

Hong Kong’s Fate

Hong Kong’s fate is tied to the Chinese Communist Party’s and the place will dwindle in importance and the economy will continue to slide. The place will continue to deteriorate and property prices will continue to fall in the coming year. The time when Hong Kong’s fortunes will improve is when the communist party is removed. When this happens, Hong Kong’s importance and soul will return and the city will rebuild itself up back to its former glory. I feel that 2023 will be particularly difficult for Hong Kong as it grapples with Xi Jinping’s grand design for China and its subject territories.

Nuclear or No Nuclear

There has been threats by Putin of nuclear options in bringing Ukraine into its fold; I don’t feel that this will happen. I don’t feel China will use nuclear weapons against Taiwan or anywhere for that matter. Thankfully, I don’t feel any nuclear attacks in the near future. I hope I am right.