Psychic Predictions for China and Xi Jinping 2023

I go by the name JC and today (22 January 2023) I’ve had a chance to do some deep meditation on the future of China.

Right now, on the news, China is abandoning its zero-Covid policy and is intent on re-opening its doors to visitors and businesses alike. On the surface it seems positive that it can get the economy back to pre-Covid levels and trade with the rest of the world.

However, I see more troubles for China this year. This year will be worse for the country than the last. These troubles will all be caused by Xi Jinping’s self-centred belief that China is so important that other countries must play to its tune and kowtow to its wishes. The inability to compromise on any diplomatic issues, the constant need to win in everything and come out on top is what will bite China in the ass. China will try to court many countries this year but issues will arise that will cause Xi Jinping to boycott countries that it wishes to trade with. The net effect is that instead of forging better trade ties with these countries China ends up doing the exact opposite. By the end of the year China will become more isolated than it has ever been in the last 70 years.

Things will happen very quickly in 2023 and will be a year when the CCP’s (Chinese Communist Party) karma finally catches up with itself. All the lies, cover-ups, secrets, censorship, etc. will consume the CCP and will be the very cause of its own undoing. China has just started a new cycle and that a new force/energy has already germinated within China that will in the next 12-18 months replace the current leadership. Everything will happen very quickly.

Although timing is always very difficult for a psychic to predict, I can see all of these things are very close so the horizon is the next 12-18 months rather than the next 3-5 years.

There will also be some exposé of heinous crimes committed by the party. There will be uprisings and popular protests at scales never seen before in China. I do see some deaths but not a bloodbath. Xi Jinping’s removal from office will take place with lightning speed; one day he will be in office and the next he will be gone. I also see a public execution but couldn’t see whether that was Xi or not.

By probably the start to mid-2024 the new government/leadership will be in place. The energy for the transition of power has already formed. Brighter days for China will ensue.