Yuen Long Attacks of innocent civilians in 2019 engineered by Chinese Communist Party

According to businessman / tycoon Robert Tsao (曹興誠), founder of United Microelectronics Corp has alleged that the unprovoked attacks of civilians in Yuen Long on 21 July 2019 by white-clad mobsters was an initiative instigated by the communist party members stationed in Hong Kong.

He was mentioned that the powers that be (stationed in Sai Wan, Hong Kong [aka the Chinese Liaison Office]) wanted to “… teach these Hong Kong people a painful lesson by giving them a good beating….”. He heard this before the fateful day (i.e. 21 July 2022) and further learned that that the Liaison Office personnel had hired local mafia mobsters to collaborate with police personnel brought in from China to beat anyone wearing a black T-shirt which the colour that represented the movement that disapproved of the government’s attempt to push through the extradition law.

These revelations are in-line with the people’s suspicions from the onset. It was clear that the police and the attackers had planned the whole event together because police members were seen disappearing from the scene minutes before the attacks took place (video footage available) and did not come to the scene for 45 minutes after many calls were made. What was less expected was that police personnel were brought in from China to help attack the citizens.

For those who understand how the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) works this comes as no surprise. When they can call the death of 30-40 million to a government-engineered starvation a success (e.g. the great leap forwards) then beating a few hundred Hong Kong citizens would seem like nothing.

KOL speaker Mr Yau (although the video is in Cantonese) details how the liaison office spearheaded the whole attacks.

KOL Mr Yau