Kayel Global

Kayel expanded its global sourcing coverage to include the United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, South Africa, India, USA, United Arab Emirates, Indonesia, China and Hong Kong. International business culture was an early and integral part of Kayel’s approach to innovation and development.

Distribution and sourcing growth mutually reinforced Kayel’s international expansion. PT Kay-El Indonesia Limited was set up in Jakarta to become its sourcing and quality control headquarter in Indonesia. By year 2000, Kayel had extended its sourcing and quality control offices to Guangzhou and Dongguan, China.

Our long term goal is to own a diversified group of businesses that generate profits and consistently earn above average returns on capital. Our cultures and values are manifested in how we treat our team members and clients. Kayel’s global commitment to entrepreneurship and excellence within a team framework of meritocracy, fairness and honesty guide all of our activities and relationships. Kayel is committed to playing a positive role in all of the communities it operates in.

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