Mediaworks Asia

MediaWorks Asia Limited came into being because of need.

Asia has changed so have the needs of publishers worldwide.

With the historical “handover” of Hong Kong in summer of 1997 came the end of an era. Compounded by the financial tremors in Asia starting in August 1997, Asian business changed forever.

These market forces were the motivating factors behind the formation of MediaWorks Asia. A Hong Kong based, media sales company.

Media representative companies were plentiful. Expatriate labour was available and relatively inexpensive. Publisher’s representatives were mostly outposts of European and American media companies looking for a place to plant their flag in Asia. All this changed in the last years of the twentieth century. Business quickly dried up. Many companies went bankrupt. Tourism went from boom to bust and many of the regional currencies precipitously lost value overnight. Media representative companies closed, consolidated or sold-out and their principals left Asia.

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