121BC Hong Kong | 42 – 44 Peel Street

Went to 121Bc Hong Kong last night on Peel Street. I will never go back after what I experienced.

The Sommelier there spent 20 minutes talking to us about their wine list and we ordered a bottle of 2008 Brunello; when I came to settle the bill they told us that they did not take credit cards – I was a little embarrassed because I wanted to treat my friends and didn’t carry that much cash with me.

I protested and mentioned the right thing to do was to have told your patrons about the payment policy at the beginning before the orders were taken especially when the amounts we were dealing with were significant; in response the barman told us that if we didn’t like the payment policy don’t come back. I was a little taken aback from the whole experience. I did not expect to go out whilst ordering expensive bottles of wines and be treated like that.

My recommendation is – this place serves over-priced wines and the people working there are rude.