Air BnB | Cannot Add Payout Method

Everything on the Air BnB website works except for the “Add Payout Method” which means you cannot get your money.

I have just received a reservation and have tried to add Payout Method but have failed. I tried using Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

The support have not replied to me yet; it is extremely frustrating and makes me wonder whether this is done on purpose.

This is the email I sent but no answer so far:-


Dear sirs,

Please forward this to the technical team. There is a problem with the submission form, please fix immediately.

I have tried on Chrome Version 43.0.2357.124 (64-bit) – MAC OSX – 10.8.3
I have tried on Firefox Version 19.0.2 – Mac Os X – 10.8.3
My IP Address is : (Fixed IP address and not accessing through Proxy Server)

and to no avail.

To replicate:-

(1) Go to
(2) Click on “Add Payout Method”
(3) Form with (i) Address, (ii) Address 2/Zone, (iii) City, (iv) State/Province, (v) Postal Code (vi) Country Appears – The information I’m filling are (i) xxxxxx (ii) xx yyyy Road, (iii) Mid-Levels, (v) na (vi) Hong Kong
(4) After clicking “Next” – the background changes but it stays on this page and goes nowhere

Please remedy this immediately as I need to get paid.