What is causing all of the world’s problems? 2018

The contest for the US presidency between Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton was arguably one of the most heated and polar elections that has taken place since the second world war. You were either in total support of one or the other – no middle ground.

People are now focused on Donald Trump – his supporters are 100% behind him regardless of what he says or does and those who are not hate him with a vengeance.

As an impartial observer of the politics in the US, I have to say that Donald Trump, Obama, Bush, etc. and whoever that will follow Donald Trump are not the people whom the American people should focus on. The people who really control America and the world are the owners of the Federal Reserve. The Federal Reserve is a privately owned entity. Yes. Private. The greatest deception is that the head of the Federal Reserve is just a puppet who does what the private owners of the Federal Reserve tell him/her to do. The other deception is that some will argue that the the president gets to choose who the head of the Federal Reserve is – technically that is true but the president can only choose from a list of 2-3 names provided by the Federal Reserve  – so it’s not much of a choice. If the people want more information on who really owns the Federal Reserve they will be blocked citing “National Security” implications.  It has been rumoured that 80% of the Federal Reserve is owned by 8 or so families including the Rothschilds, Rockefeller, Warburgs, Kuhn-Loeb, etc; at least when it is started 1913 these were some of the original owners.

The Federal Reserve has extended US$ 26 trillion in interest free loans to the banking sector since 2008 which has caused massive inflation around the world in so doing widening the wealth gap so much that the “haves” and the “have nots” are now separated by a vacuum.  M1 is 400% of what it was in 2008.

Gold Wars
Gold Wars by Kelly Mitchell

Politicians learnt from the Napoleonic war that he who controls the finances wins in wars people soldiers need to paid, weapons manufacturing costs money, raw materials cost money, etc.  And in a democratic society and the US in particular to even run for presidency costs an astronomical amount of money which is why in the US you always end up with a choice of 2 candidates; however good your platform might be if you are not well funded you will stand no chance of getting anywhere.  Election campaigns are expensive so regardless of how incredible your platform is; without the necessary funding it will never reach the voters. This begs the question of whether capitalism and democracy can truly co-exist.  Both Donald Trump and Hilary Clinton got US$ 100million in campaign funding from the banking sector and the average American would be denied even 1/1000th of the amount in loans if they applied. So whoever becomes the president of the US will be in the pockets of the banks. This is capitalism. If somebody wanted to reduce the banking sectors power they will be not able to run and therefore will not get into power. This is how it works.

I have started reading the book called “Gold Wars” by Kelly Mitchell and it is most interesting and goes into great detail what is causing many of the world’s problems today.

To all you gullible Americans out there – Wake Up! And look deeper into who is really controlling your country…