Nha Trang airport (Cam Ranh) to Town Centre by Bus

Much of the information on the internet are out of date and lacking in detail. So I decided to take photos along with write a more detailed guide to help fellow travellers.

First off, this guide only applies to those landing in Nha Trang, Vietnam via the international airport which is called “Cam Ranh” and want to get to the town centre by bus rather than pay the exorbitant fees in the order of 400,000VND for a taxi.

For those who don’t know Uber has stopped working in Vietnam as of about 6 months ago and their equivalent is Grab which quoted me ~450k to get to town centre. So if you are thinking using a taxi hailing app then you should download Grab before you land in Nga Trang

Directions from the Arrivals Terminal to the Bus

1) When you get out of the arrivals from the Cam Ranh international airport you immediately turn left and head towards the domestic flight terminal.

Below is a picture of the facade of the international airport so in terms of orientation you have to go towards to the right side of the picture (so to your left but the picture’s right).

Nha Train Airport (arrivals Terminal)
Nha Train Airport (arrivals Terminal)

2) you will have to walk about 5 minutes under an overpass. There is also a long grass section that separates the international and domestic terminals which you have to go through. Thankfully there is a small tarmac road that offers you easy passage. There was dopey guy in uniform sitting on a chair when I passed this causeway in October 2018.

3) the bus stop is right outside this outdoor restaurant called Asia Express (as of writing October 2018)

Restaurant where the stop is
Restaurant where the stop is
Asia Express - Restaurant Nha Trang
Asia Express – Restaurant Nha Trang

4) this is what the bus looks like

Bus to City Centre from Nha Trang Airport
Bus to City Centre from Nha Trang Airport

5) you have to purchase the ticket at a separate booth for 50,000 VND. A lady will create a small tear on it so that they know it has been redeemed.

And the buses run at about once every 30 minutes. The total journey time was about 40 minutes and the driver was driving at spirited speed.