Evidence of 2020 US Election Vote Rigging

It greatly surprises me how the mainstream media are all deliberately turning a blind eye to the obvious voting irregularities in the 2020 US election. I think big money from particular interest groups really want Donald Trump out of office and will go to the extent to cover up and possibly even partake or fund the rigging of the election to alter the outcome.

In this article I wish to collate all of the evidence that proves that the 2020 election in the US needs to be investigated thoroughly. The irregularities point to election rigging and is so serious that the very foundation of democracy is being undermined. Given that none of the mainstream like CNN, CNBC, Washington Post, Bloomberg, New York Times, BBC, Facebook, Google, etc. are all controlled by the interest groups / big money who all seem to have a hand in the election fraud free thinkers must group together and we must share and disseminate the truth independently. Even if you search for “election fraud 2020” on Google, only the results showing that all claims of election fraud are ridiculous and results with “fact check” in them but when you read the articles there is no checking of any facts. So I have also started using https://www.duckduckgo.com/ more to find information because Google also seems to be controlled by the interest groups.

Here is a list of evidence of Election Fraud:-

(1) 143,000+ votes in One minute in Wisconsin

The voting machine and the people counting in a station cannot physically process 143,000+ votes in one minute; and besides why would sudden a surge in the number of votes all come in all at the same time even if spread across the whole state? Trump was clearly leading and then suddenly the addition of a spike of votes flipped Biden to lead.

(2) Fractional Vote counting

GEMS vote-counting systems are and have been operated under five trade names: Global Election Management Systems (GEMS), Diebold Election Systems, Premier Election Systems, Dominion Voting Systems, and Election Systems & Software. Instead of storing a vote as an integer it stores a vote with 2 decimal places or a fraction. Surely when a person votes that is a vote; you cannot have half a vote or 3/4 of a vote. However the software was obviously designed to allow manipulation so that the desired candidate’s vote may be databased with certain weighting so an undesirable candidate may have vote discounting too where each vote may be recorded as 0.8 of a vote and the other 0.2 be given to the preferred candidate. The GEMS vote-counting systems account for 25% of of the systems used.

This site explains this quite well:-


How could votes have decimal places?

(3) ~300,000 votes were deleted in Virginia

Thanks to this site:-

On 4 November 2020 at 05:26:48 – within a few minutes around 300,000 votes were expunged from the voting record and all of sudden the lead was flipped from Trump to Biden. Why would 300,000 votes suddenly be removed from system? Under what circumstances should this happen? Why is this not being investigated? So Virginia seems to be another state that fell victim to this election fraud.

Lastly the Dominion Voting Software which is used in 25% of the states received US$ 400 million from China through a company called (UBS securities) that appears to be a Swiss company but is in fact 75% controlled by the Chinese Communist Party. UBS is the only investment bank with a license to operate in China and it was through this company that China funded Dominion Software. If you search UBS securities + Dominion Voting Software nothing will come up on Google.

Sites that cover the Election Fraud in 2020 US Election