Fake CoronaVAC Vaccination for Carrie Lam

It seems unlikely from the video footage that Carrie Lam took the SINOVAC Covid-19 vaccine; in fact she probably did not get an injection that day.

Hong Kong Faked Vaccination Carrie Lam
Hong Kong Faked Vaccination Carrie Lam

There are 3 main vaccines for Covid-19 are AstraZeneca, BioNTech and SINOVAC; the former two come in glass vials but the SINOVAC come in short stubby injections.

On 22 February 2021 Carrie Lam supposedly took the SINOVAC vaccine (CoronaVAC) – please see picture above. Several points worth mentioning:-

(1) The nurse administering the injection is not wearing gloves; this is quite unusual from a hygiene perspective

(2) The syringe shape of the vaccine is long and thin which is vastly different to the syringe shape of the SINOVAC vaccine (CoronaVAC)

Glass Vial supposedly containing SINOVAC Vaccine

(3) There is no label on the glass vial where the vaccine is; this is very strange in the medical world as all drugs need to be clearly labelled to avoid the wrong drug being administered which could have catastrophic legal ramifications such medical malpractice, etc.

So either the label of the vaccine was deliberately removed or the SINOVAC vaccine was transferred from its original vial to this label-free vial. This is a higher resolution picture of the above.

The shape of the bottle alone seems different to the original bottle has a squarer neck.