Google Ads | The Biggest Scam and Impossible to Cancel

If anyone had the misfortune of signing up to Google Ads will know how much of a scam it is.

Google Ads - Cannot unsubscribe

I tried to target specifically a small set of keywords on Google Ads (like app developer agency UK, app development UK, flutter developer UK, etc) and set a daily limit for the campaign. The campaign generated zero leads but instead all of the clicks we ended up paying for were as follows:-

how to
[shareit app]
“web android”
[ios beta]
“facebook developer”
“free android app development tools”
[android net]
[turu app]
“ios beta download”
[tuta app]
“how to trust an app on iphone”
[app store connect]
[developer vieraconnect com to register]
[ios 13 beta profile]
“how to retain app users”
[betaprofiles com ios 13]
“colornote ios”
[how do you get your app store back]
[how to make a simple mobile game]
[mobile app mockup psd free download]
[skills required to make an app]
[how to do the ios 14 update]
“ios 14 download”
[avatarify app android]
[blue app icons ios 14 free]
[24 best apps for android 2020 by]
“android app is not available in your country”
“how to enable developer options”
“flutter apprentice”
“flutter beginner”
“happy build app android”
“ios simulator in xcode”
“ios bata”
“tutu spp”
“app island”
[betaprofiles com ios14]
[parler app ios]
[why i can t install apps]
“ios 14.5 beta 1 download”
[how to make your camera quality better android]
[storyluxe android]
“how to make your phone look like ios 14”
“best 3d photo app for android 2020”
[app store]
[interior design apps]
[apple app store]
“adb download”
[short cut app]
[development settings]
[app design ideas]
[t shirt design app for android]
[glide app]
“qooapp ios”
“software used to create apps”
[3d animation apps for android]
“textview android”
[london app brewery]
“ios programmer salary”
[discordapp developers]
“ios icon generator”
[app brewery]
“android studio template”
[discordapp com developers]
[my mobile app free]
“q app download”
[create emoji from photo android]
“deepfake app ios”
[app brewery resources]
[ios 14 download]
[https apps apple com us app versant id1140724927]
[tweaks app co cod]
[kadama app]
“mac your security preferences allow installation of only apps from”
“abtitu download”
“version android 8.1 0”
[townscaper ios]
“betaprofiles com ios 14.5”
“watchos 7 developer beta download”
[com samsung android app telephonyu]
“avatarify app for android”
“sticker maker app for iphone”

I ended up losing over USD 500 in a few weeks; as any impartial observer can see none of the keywords I was scammed with are related with what I targeted.

It is impossible to cancel the Google ads account and when trying to take remove the credit card from the account; you will get the error message.

Some consultant from Google then told me that I could do re-marketing but by this time I wanted a refund first before getting scammed any further.

“Broad Match” is effectively “Random Match” and you will not get any clicks if you choose “Exact Match” – I don’t know understand why it doesn’t work; if you try to change to Exact Match you will get zero clicks; yet if you do that exact match on Google from another computer your ads would not appear. So Google is deliberately scamming customers.

I urge all users out there to boycott Google Ads.