Gatecoin is probably hacked again! 31 Jan 2018

For those unfortunate enough to live in Hong Kong, will realise that we are actually living in a third-world country. Despite the government’s half-baked efforts to make this town a technology hub, we are still about 5-10 years behind China and the rest of the world in technology. This is no difference for the choice of crypto-currency trading platforms available to us; the big players such as Coinbase have all been locked out and instead we are stuck with the likes of Gatecoin and ANX who are both amateurs in the tech space. And when dealing with your money, I don’t trust them. It took 3 weeks to get my account with Gatecoin and then after it was activated I could not transfer money; the dashboard kept saying that that function was temporarily suspended.

After that, I was able to transfer money for a few weeks and today when I tried to access the site I see this:-

gatecoin probably hacked
gatecoin’s home page

It doesn’t garner much confidence when you see that on an institution that is supposedly dealing with your money.

If it was planned maintenance then the site should show tell us in advance when the planned maintenance would take place and show a maintenance page.

Shame to us in Hong Kong; always having to deal with 3rd rate unwanted technology.