I now hate iPhones | Upgrade to 10.3 Broke the Screen

Since upgrading my iPhone to 10.3 the touch screen has ceased to work properly.

I guess this is all part of Apple’s grand scheme to get you to upgrade; but I don’t want to. Disabling the screen is so low; I presume what Apple has done is to program the phones so that each user experiences a different problem and it is just the luck of the draw. Some users would experience a massive slow down in their phones, others experience what I am experiencing – the inability to use the touch screen properly which renders the phone to be pretty much useless.

Each option I have to press causes me no end of hassle and I just realised how many notifications we get and how much Apple controls what we do on their phones.

Do you allow this to do access your camera?
Your pincode is too easy to guess. Are you sure you want to go ahead?
What is your wifi?
Please login with your Apple ID?
Can we access your location?
the list goes on….

To be honest, the only thing that I need now is Whatsapp…. Everything else can go.

Good buy iPhone, I won’t be getting a replacement because Apple just pissed me off too much this time.