Political Persecution in Hong Kong | Arrest of Jimmy Lai

Hong Kong’s judicial system is finished; it should be called Department of Injustice rather than Department of Justice.

The recent arrest of Mr Jimmy Lai, Lee Cheuk Yan and Yeung Sam is political persecution; there were many others who attended the religious event on 31 August, 2019 so why has the Hong Kong police only decide to arrest these 3 people and nobody else. Why did the Hong Kong police only press charges 5 months after the event? Jimmy Lai was further charged with intimidation for an event on 4 Jun 2017; for something that happened that almost 3 years ago. To press charges for something that long ago is ridiculous and it was personally approved by Teresa Cheng. The timing and the victimisation of these 3 points to one thing only – political persecution.

With every passing year being governed by the Chinese Communist Party Hong Kong’s judicial system is becoming less and less impartial and more and more like that of China’s.  The only reason why Hong Kong is so successful is because we had separation of powers but with every passing year this separation is being eroded.  It is disgusting what the communist party of China is doing in Hong Kong; the world should boycott the communist party each time this happens. Moreover, the Secretary of Justice Teresa Cheng has personally given legal opinion to this case to change the decision to prosecute. It is unheard of in the history of the judicial system in Hong Kong or anywhere in the world for the Secretary of Justice to give legal opinion on something as trivial “intimidation”. This disproportionality on the involvement clearly points to political persecution and is clearly spearheaded by the Communist Party of China who wants to stamp out all voices of dissent.

Praying for the end of the Chinese Communist Party.