A Potential Cure for the Coronavirus

The Coronavirus is a positive-strand RNA virus and its genome is one of the largest for a virus and it takes over the host cell by getting the ribosomes to replicate its genome.

Silver (Ag) was used in roman times to help disinfect water and it has been demonstrated that silver has virucidal and bactericidal properties. The chemical abbreviation for silver is Ag which is derived from Argentum which is the latin word for silver. Here are some research articles that show the virucidal effects of silver nanoparticles on the Coronavirus and other viruses like Polio and others.


A number of research articles seem to suggest that ionic silver has greater efficacy than elemental silver against in inhibiting pathogens from replicating.

Although, more research is needed to understand how the inhibitory of silver nanoparticles can be applied to inhibit the Coronovirus in vivo the plethora of research articles available show without doubt the inhibitory of silver nanoparticles in vitro on pathogens such as viruses, bacteria and even some fungi. Colloidal silver has been used for a while as in the alternative medicine industry as a means to help protect the user against pathogens may actually be able to kill the Coronavirus in vivo and those worried about Coronavirus could consider using colloidal silver as a preventive meausure. This is of course not medical advice and users should make their own independent enquiries.

One potential side-effect of Colloidal silver is Argyria which is a discoloration of the skin which doesn’t have any real detriment to one’s health except that the afflicted will look slightly weird. Royals in the past often had argyria because they would dine using silverware for everything and drink from silver vessels; which is why they were called “blue” blooded because all of argyria would make them look blue.

It would be irresponsible of me to claim that colloidal silver and/or ionic silver products would be a definite cure for the Coronavirus in vivo or prevent people from getting the virus but if I was diagnosed with the Coronavirus tomorrow the first treatment I would try would be colloidal silver.

Although I have not tried this product myself I did a search on Amazon and eBay and found a lot of Colloidal Silver products:-




21 Feb 2020 – Coronavirus Update

All those reading about the deaths from Coronavirus will notice that many die of organ failure in particular the liver and lungs; in fact that the organ failure and damage is not caused by the Coronavirus but from Corticosteroid which doctors are giving to patients as treatment. Doctors are so nervous that the dosage they give to patients is about 10 times the prescribed level which causes immedate damage to the liver and other organs. So many of the deaths are not caused by the virus but by the medication that the afflicted received. This is very much the same problem that happened during SARS. Unfortunately no doctor or hospital will ever admit to this and instead will attribute the deaths to the Coronavirus rather than medical mal-practice.