2020 Psychic Predictions | Trump, China, Hong Kong, Coronavirus, Brexit

I go by the name JC and I am a closet psychic and rarely reveal publicly the visions/messages that I receive even though many come to me all the time. It is important to note that these visions don’t always come true because human free will can always manifest change but in my experience the visions that come to me often do come through because humans often choose a predictable path. However, I find that “timing” of events is something that is always hard to pinpoint; sometimes I’m a few months off sometimes even a couple of years off; maybe other psychics are better than me on this front.

I know that many of you will wonder who will win the US presidential election and I see quite strongly that Donald Trump will win. I have read some posts on the Internet made by other psychics and they see that Donald Trump will not win and I wonder whether their predictions are just clouded by their own personal wishes rather than them receiving messages from the other side. This can happen to any one of us. However, because the way these visions come to psychics most of the time we will see who will the president or who will be the prime minister and any psychic who says that Donald Trump (or anyone for that matter) will not win; without sharing with you a clear vision of who will is probably a fraud.  Ultimately a psychic is merely a conduit through messages flow so if he/she receives a message that “X” will become president then he/she would normally just present that message rather than say “X” won’t win but at the same time not give a clear vision of who will.

I have also received messages that Brexit will be very positive for the UK overall and international business will flow back into London and the rest of Great Britain. I do see property prices going up tremendously (particularly in London) so for those wanting to get on the property ladder you should do so sooner rather than later as prices will pick up a lot. If you sit on the fence for too long you may miss the boat. Whilst Great Britain is on the ascent Europe will descend; I think within 2020 (although timing is always difficult for me to pinpoint so it could be early 2021) I see Italy having some financial difficulties and there will be a loss of faith in their whole financial system by a global community. Italy will probably have to break away from the single currency because of this. This would lead a much weaker union of European countries; it doesn’t feel like a complete break up but eventually Europe will dis-integrate and will not be how it is now.

Hong Kong has been marred by 6-7 months of protests and I foresee things subsiding somewhat for 2020 but there will be a re-surgence of the movement down the road maybe in 2021/2022. I feel that the government will not do much because they don’t really understand why it is happening and therefore don’t know how to deal with the situation. I don’t feel there is any foreign interference (as purported by the Hong Kong government) and that the notion is an invention of the government because they simply cannot understand what is driving the protests and what is causing people to take to the streets.  I feel a great rift between the government and the people;  the rift being the government is standing on one side and the people on the other and they are separated by a gap that is few miles wide. I also feel that the protests in Hong Kong mark the beginning of a movement of people rebelling against the stranglehold of the Chinese communist government not just in Hong Kong but for the whole of China and I see it spreading to other parts of China.

I feel that the coronavirus in China will last maybe a few months and would eventually be contained before the end of the year; however the way the Chinese communist party handles the outbreak will cause a lot of resentment from the people. The virus itself will cause a few more deaths (mainly for the elderly and young) but would not be anywhere as sersious a the Spanish flu; eventually a cure or a method of prevention will be found. The Chinese Communist party’s suffocating control on information flow (through the great firewall) will backfire through this disease outbreak and people will ask why the flow of basic health-related information is being censored and covered up. When the censorship of information starts to affect people’s basic livelihoods then it will anger a lot of people.  Coupled with the trade war and a slowing economy I foresee escalating violence and people within China rising up against the regime but it may take a few more years before the eventual toppling of the communist party. Unfortunately I do see more uprisings this year in China and the communist party making some big mistakes in how they deal with the uprisings which would cause even more resentment and eventually the key people responsible for the mistakes will be brought to justice.

Don’t shoot the messenger! I’ve just been sent these messages and am merely relaying them.