Proctor & Gamble – Not fit to Represent Brands

Yesterday, I went on Proctor & Gamble’s website using my mobile phone in Hong Kong.

Several things to note:-
(1) their website was not properly mobile-responsive

proctor and gamble home page

(2) Typos are everywhere on the website

P & G Unprofessional
P & G Unprofessional


(3) There is no way for me to contact anyone through the website – no email addresses, no webforms to complete. I spent 15 minutes trying to find a way to let me them know of the glaring typos but gave up eventually. So obviously they have no interest to communicate with any of their viewers.

And they are representing brands?? Is that a joke? A non-responsive website in 2016 for a company who is supposed to know the markets and has xxxxx number of staff around the globe?? Typos all over their website – Should they even be in business?