Air BnB Bugs

It really annoys me when sites like Air BnB have bugs and you have no way of telling them; after searching on Google for answers you realise that these platforms are like brickwalls that offer customers no feedback mechanism which to me is arrogant.

One of the areas that desperately needs improvement on Air BnB is the logistics behind changing a booking after it is made and this part of the platform does not seem to be fully tested and is riddled with bugs.

Just a few minutes ago, I tried to decline a change request because I had arranged for the cleaner to come on a certain date and the guest wants to arrive early and I was given very little notice to respond to change.

Trying to Decline:-

air bnb bug

After Clicking “Decline” and waiting a minute or two, I get:-

air bnb bug - nginx

Also, Air Bnb should disallow changes to a booking literally 12 hours before it.

The above screen cannot be the expected outcome regardless of what I press, so a buggy platform with nobody from AirBnB interested to take note.