Air BnB problems & distressing situations (Continued)

Yesterday, I received a change request from a guest with literally less than 12 hours before they were threatening to arrive; I couldn’t decline the request (please see previous blog for the error message – in fact it wasn’t an error message it was a server error). I tried to call them on the phone number provided by AirBnB, I SMSed them and then left messages on AirBnb – all to no avail.

Literally the guests turned up on my door step whilst I was out and was distressed because they had made the request and assumed that I would be amenable to change. The cleaner was arranged on the scheduled day and it was a mess.

AirBnb should put in place mechanisms to stop people from making changes to a request with less than 48 hours to the booking or at least allow hosts to set these requirements.

The most annoying and distressing thing about the whole saga is that there is no way you could communicate with anyone on AirBnB to get support….. This policy of not having support is arrogant and not user-friendly.