To The Chinese Communist Party

Dear Communist Party of China,

Does the communist party ever wonder why there is such a rift between Hong Kong and the CCP?

If the CCP is interested in fostering better relationships with Hong Kong then read on; if not then wallow in hubris and prepare for your eventual extinction.

Hong Kong psychology
Understanding the psychology of Hong Kong’s collective psyche is essential to smooth governance. Hong Kong’s success is built on the hard working ethics of the people and the open platform created by the British. People are generally hard-working regardless of whether they are old or young; this perception that the young in Hong Kong are lazy and do not want to work is largely mis-placed. The youth have no future and that is why they are angry with the government.
1997 to now
Hong Kong does not attribute any of its success to the communist party nor mainland China. Hong Kong may have benefited from trade with China but the benefit was bilateral and China did not trade with Hong Kong out of philanthropic reasons it was out of convenience and the trade relationship was mutual.
Since 1997, the livelihoods of the people have become worse, opportunities scarcer, social mobility lessened, education worse, rule of law ever on the retreat from the CCPs continuous recklessness. What has been achieved in the last 20 years under Chinese sovereignty that had discernible benefits for the people? Nothing is the answer. There have been economic pacts and initiatives but none have any direct benefit to the people. One may argue CEPA had some economic benefit to Hong Kong during at the time of SARS and maybe it did but nothing long term and far-sighted had been implemented.
The only thing Hong Kong has become is a shopping haven for our northern compatriots – what has that done? Property owners have benefited, our streets have became filled with rows and rows of luxury retail shops, hotel owners have enjoyed highest occupancy rates ever and many low paying jobs in the retail sector created. However the detriments have been enormous; all of the family owned shops and restaurants that we grew up with have been wiped out and replaced with luxury retail, property prices have risen so much that every family is on a treadmill just to keep up with rental payment every month. The youth have no hope ever of home ownership and upward mobility.
The number of applicants to places ratio for university entrance in Hong Kong is staggering; some 50,000 competing for 10,000 seats. On top of that, the number is further reduced by the number of applicants from China. Why do we not create more universities so that we give our next generation a better chance to survive in a world that is becoming ever more competitive? The lack of opportunities is one of the main causes of anti-china sentiment be it for jobs, upward mobility and even education.
Teachers in Hong Kong being forbidden to talk about 4 Jun 1989 event and Hong Kong’s independence is a clear violation of freedom of speech.
Hong Kong independence
It is a movement that the CCP hate yet it is one they had created.
The abduction of the 5 booksellers has given an inordinate amount of support to the independence movement. It undermined the authority of the law enforcement team in Hong Kong, mocked the Chief Executive’s, is outright illegal and violates the one country 2 systems. How can anyone take any member of the CCP talking about one country 2 systems seriously when they uphold it when to their advantage and ignore when it is not?
Coming to Hong Kong and abducting our citizens is a metaphorical slap in the face to our abled police force who are given the responsibility to enforce the law yet the CCP will break the law, go above their authority and expect loyalty from the police force.
Yours sincerely