Sanction China Too

China is in supporting Russia in the background; in foreground it is telling Ukraine and Russia to dialogue in the background it is buying Russian oil and supporting Putin. In the meantime, Sleepy Joe, completely out of his depth, is taking no action at all other than making a few useless sanctions on Russia.

The democratic countries of the world need strong leadership to counter the dictators of the likes of Putin and Xi Jinping; but at the moment we have a lame duck leader in the US and moderates across the whole of Europe. We need to send in troops to help Ukraine defend against Russia and after that go to Moscow and remove Putin. This will not be easy to achieve but is what needs to be done.

The sanctions that have been slapped on Russia are ineffective unless the same sanctions are put on China because China is trading with Russia and offering them everything they need to continue the attacks on Ukraine and propping the economy. Or just kick China out of the WTO immediately until they have rectified all of their broken promises that they made in joining the WTO. China never keeps a promise yet the whole of Europe is happy to listen the same lies year in year out. China has been telling the world that they are opening up; every year for the last 50 years yet all industries remain stubbornly closed to the international companies.

So if world wants to see the sanctions on Russia bite we must immediately sanction China too along with all of its leaders.