Whatsapp now Blocked in China

Great firewall blocking whatsapp
Great firewall blocking whatsapp –
I had the misfortune of travelling up to China last weekend to meet with the programming team head; after checking into the hotel; I went online to check in on my emails and other communications – I opened my Whatsapp and waited and waited and waited and it kept saying “connecting”…..

I went to bed shortly after and next day went into the office and found the same “connecting….” message on my Whatsapp and soon discovered that yes Whatsapp is now blocked in China. Whatsapp has become an extremely communication tool for me and many others. For it to be blocked is like severing an important communication channel.

What is not fair is that China can block anything that they don’t like yet we in the west sit idly watching our brands getting f**ked by the Communist Party of China. We should answer as soon as possible by blocking all of those stupid Chinese brands like Weibo, Wechat, Alibaba, Alipay, Baidu, et al – when China opens its Internet to the world then the world reciprocate in kind. We should be passing a law that sanctions any country that stifles basic communication channels like Whatsapp, Facebook, Google, etc. I am really fed up of western governments doing nothing to stop this insanity.

In short – Block Wechat, Baidu, and all of those other Chinese brands NOW until the Communist Party come to the table.