Carrie Lam | The Devil Incarnate

The witch hunt has begun!

Political dissenters are arrested left right and centre. Occupy leaders (Tanya Chan and Shiu Ka-chun, Tommy Cheung Sau-yin and Eason Chung Yiu-wah, two former leaders of the Hong Kong Federation of Students, League of Social Democrats vice-chairman Raphael Wong Ho-ming, and former legislator Lee Wing-tat) are arrested for unlawful assembly the day Carrie Lam is selected by the Communist Party. Today we see Yau Wai-ching and Baggio Leung Chung-hang being arrested for other unknown “crimes”.

Unlawful assembly is defined as:-

The Public Order Ordinance (chapter 245 of the laws of Hong Kong) defines “unlawful assembly” (§18) as an assembly of three or more persons conducting themselves in a “disorderly, intimidating, insulting or provocative manner intended or likely to cause a person reasonably to fear that the persons so assembled will conduct a breach of the peace or will by such conduct provoke other persons to commit a breach of the peace”. Persons taking part in unlawful assemblies can be punished with up to five years imprisonment (if indicted) or a level 2 fine (HK$5000)[7]and imprisonment for two years (on summary conviction).[8]

We get unlawful assemblies every day organised by mainland tourist groups. Why have they not been charged? This is a dangerous law that allows the Communist Party a carte blanche to charge anyone they wish.

Given the current situation, there is nothing Hong Kongers can do except to pray that Donald Trump drops a massive nuclear bomb in ZhongNanHai that wipes out the entire Chinese Communist party. The Communist Party served a good purpose uniting China now it should quietly disappear and make way for a leadership that believes in the rule of law, equality and human rights.

The end of Hong Kong is near.