Hong Kong 20th year anniversary

The situation is deteriorating very fast. China has no idea how to run an international city and 20 years on and all of the working class will tell you that things were better under Great Britain. More opportunities, a fairer system, more upward-mobility for everyone, more affordable, more freedoms, more foresight in the government administration, etc – the list is endless.

Just a few months ago, a billionaire, Xiao Jianhua was abducted at the Four Season Hotel by secret Communist Party special forces and taken back to the Mainland. This is a violation of One Country Two Systems and breaks Hong Kong law. Why haven’t the culprits who illegally sequestered a free man not been arrested and tried? That is how the Communist Party does things – under handed and clandestine.

Last year, a book seller, Lee Bo was abducted from Hong Kong and taken to the mainland for investigation for a few months. No crime, no warrant, no evidence, no explanations – it is unacceptable.

We are all praying for the end of the Chinese Communist Party. The sooner it is dismantled the better.