Clear Browing Data / Cache on Chrome (Mac OS X)

Chrome doesn’t want you to clear browsing data because Google wants to track what you are doing.

Most sites will tell you to do something like click on this:-

fake_clearcache by Google

When you click on this and try to delete things from the beginning of time it takes forever and on my machine it took more than an hour and it still hadn’t finished.

The next screen you will see this line in the faintest grey colour:-


Let me enlarge for you what Google has tried to hide deliberately:-

Some settings that may reflect browsing habits will not be cleared. Learn More

Why is Google still retaining our private data even after we try to clear it? This is absolutely disgusting.

The way I delete cache now is by deleting everything from the command line and I have now set a cronjob that runs every day to ensure that all browsing data is deleted because I don’t trust Google.

To do this you have to:-

(1) Open terminal (under applications > utilities)

(2) type

sudo rm -rf ./Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/

If that doesn’t work then whatever user name you use the full path is:-

sudo rm -rf /Users/<<username>>/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/

So if your username is julius then the command should be:-

sudo rm -rf /Users/julius/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/

After that you will be prompted with a password which is the same one that you use when download software on the App Store.