I hate XCode | Nightmare with Xcode

2 times out of 3 when I try to build an App there is a problem.

Constantly doing product cleans, deleting provisioning profiles, downloading new ones, going onto the Developers panel trying to update the devices and still there are always problems.

The clowns at Apple don’t seem to be able to create a simple platform on which developers can develop on; I’m really fed up of it and there’s no point even trying to write to the clowns because it’s like talking to a brick wall.

xcode fucked
xcode is broken

Why can’t Xcode be easier to us and simple so that developers can focus on developing instead of spending half the time troubleshooting why a compile has failed.

Also, why do I need to go into the command line and do “pod install” pod this and pod that to get my App running? Why are these packages not automatically done for me? Why make things difficult? It just boggles my mind why the design of the entire platform is so ass-backward. It’s not this complicated in any other programming language.

If you started development in Xcode 7 and then went onto Xcode 8 – you will be asked whether you want to convert your code twice. If you are churlish enough to click ‘CONVERT’ your nightmare begins because it will code that used to work into code that will never work again ever. I don’t know why the monkeys at Apple even offered a feature that doesn’t work. It would have been faster to re-write the entire app then to try to go through line by line to work out what converted script caused your script to mal-function.



Xcode - alamofire and dependencies problems
Xcode – alamofire and dependencies problems

A common sight for Xcode – Build Failed! Alamofire dependency problems, wrong version this, swift 2 which came out a year ago is legacy; I guess the monkeys at Apple just want to annoy developers. Whenever another developer commits code to the repo, I can never build…. It always takes a few hours for us to work out what the problem is. Different version of “pod” or different version of “swift”; it just never works. The next problem is the repository committment – a load of extra files are generated by pod each time which makes the whole commit a nightmare. Do you commimt or leave out? Of course you should leave out but you need to do this manually but when you have a development environment, you want to be able to do things quickly and not have to sift through what should and should not be committed. Who designed Xcode? Obviously a bunch of idiots.

Now that I have managed to install the App after a few hours; the camera crashes the App each time I try to “take a photo” or “choose a picture”…. Problem after problem.

I discovered that apparently one needed to “NSCameraUsageDescription” into Info.plist – so instead of crashing why did Xcode allow me to build?? What a stupid system?

Posted on 16 November, 2017 – Certificate Revoked

Each time I use a different computer to install an app; my certificate gets revoked. Is XCode not designed for a multi programmer/team development environment?

Certificate has been revoked | Xcode
Certificate has been revoked

Installation Problem | Certificate revoked?

cannot install - xcode certificate revoked
cannot install – xcode certificate revoked

Provisioning Profile Invalid
All of a sudden; when we run xcode on another machine and then try to install on a device; Xcode automatically invalidates the profile… Why? How stupid?

Provisioning Profile Revoked
Provisioning Profile Revoked

11 Dec, 2017 – failure trying to upload app to App Store

app upload failed -22421
app upload failed -22421

What’s the problem now? I can run it on simulator. I can run it on my phone. But when I submit there is an error….. The dickheads who designed Xcode, iTuneConnect and Application Loader are the biggest bunch of fuck-wits on earth.

I do a search and find that apparently something wrong with Apple’s server and that it’s better for me to export an IPA file and then upload…. How ass-backward is this?

An hour-later, I have now got the IPA published and then tried to upload and get another error……

app loader problem
app_loader problem

Why let the developer create an IPA and then tell them that there are problems with it; the problems are obviously created by Apple because if the same code works on the simulator, a real iphone then the issues are obviously Apple’s…..