Permanently Disable Cache on Chrome (Mac OS only) | Disable cached redirects 301 too

Chrome has a really really annoying feature which caches everything; it is particularly annoying for developers and one of the most annoying of the of the features is the caching of redirects 301 which is so annoying that you want to kill the guys who developed Chrome.

Alas, I have found a way to permanently disable any type of caching on Chrome. Unfortunately this method only works on Mac’s and potentially linux boxes.

Here are the steps:-
(1) Open terminal (under applications => utilities)
(2) Type cd ./Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/ – which is effectively taking you to (~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/) – the ~ sign signifies the document root for the directory the user that you are logged in as
(3) Once in ~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/ – I typed ‘rm -rf *‘ – which deletes everything in the cache folder – you can of course back up this folder before deleting if you want
(4) type ‘cd ..‘ – to go back up a level
(5) type ‘sudo chown root:wheel Chrome‘ – what this does is change the entire directory (~/Library/Caches/Google/Chrome/) to belong to root after which not a single bit of cache can be written

I have tested this method and it is extremely effective; because it disables 301 Redirect cache, image cache, html, css, js, the works!

You should see this on your command line when you run the commands:-

permantently disable cache on Chrome
permantently disable cache on Chrome

Hallelujah! Finally I don’t have to deal with Chrome’s annyoing cache problems.