Psychic Predictions for China in 2022

I go by the name JC and have the following psychic predictions for China for 2022.

(1) Economic Slowdown in 2022

The Chinese economy will slow dramatically in 2022; although unlikely to be negative growth – for the whole of 2022 the growth rate will slow to almost no growth. The slowdown will be caused by a culmination of factors rather than a single reason including loss of confidence in the real estate sector, slowdown in manufacturing, reduction in investments in the tech sector and more trade embargos from foreign countries.

(2) Currency Depreciation of the RMB (RenMenBi or Yuan)

The Chinese currency will have depreciated by 20-30% by the end of 2022 against the greenback. I see money leaving the country and more capital controls being put in place to stem the outward flow of capital.

(3) Skirmish with Taiwan

I don’t see a full-on attack on Taiwan but more sabre-rattling will continue and some accidents will occur that will cause an escalation in the tensions but not a full-blown war

(4) Food Shortages

There will be food shortages occurring this year in China leading to increased food prices and starvation problems

(5) Xi Jinping will continue to stay on for a 3rd term

Xi Jinping will further consolidate his power and stay on an unprecedented third term. More of his political opponents will be jailed or killed.

(6) Censorship of the Internet in Hong Kong

Chinese-style censorship will occur in Hong Kong whereby if you search for sensitive words on the internet you will receive a knock on the door or disappearance in the middle of the night. Facebook, Google and other internet players may even be blocked in Hong Kong.

This will cause the people of Hong Kong to protest and outrage from the International community will ensue.

(7) Drop in Property Prices in Hong Kong

Hong Kong will see a sharp drop in its property prices before the end of 2022.

(8) Flooding in China somewhere towards the latter part of the year

I see water; more serious flooding than the type China would get from too much rainfall.